Best Android Apps For Computer Science Students

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As we depend more and more on these technological breakthroughs to do practically every chore, these applications have made our lives incredibly simple. It makes sense since when you’re hungry, you should check out Swiggy’s menu first. Similarly, enter the picture when you need to get someplace, Ola or Uber from your phone’s home screen. Finding the best (or most crucial) app out of the millions that are accessible online may be a challenging endeavour.

Android’s top computer science apps:
The following list of essential mobile applications for learners and students of computer science is provided in this article:

Programming Hub

One of the top Android applications available for students and programmers is called Programming Hub. With the help of 5000+ sample programmes, you may master more than 20 courses, including Python, Assembly, HTML, VB.NET, C, C++, and C#.

It contains a built-in compiler that is marketed as the fastest on Android. Using this programme, you can compose nearly 20 different languages. Programming Hub can be used for academic purposes or interview preparation. This software provides the ideal way to learn to programme and was developed after extensive study and in conjunction with Google specialists.

AIDE – IDE for Java C++ on Android

For creating simple Android apps on your Android smartphone, AIDE is a very reliable and practical IDE. It contains a robust editor with all the necessary capabilities, including real-time error checking, refactoring, smart code navigation, and a Java debugger.

This software’s Java programming language and interactive lessons teach users how to create Android apps. AIDE offers complete support for building apps that use C/C++, Java, XML, Android SDK, and Android NDK. You may also use it to sync your data with a Dropbox account.

Learn Java

Learn Java is ideal for you if you’re eager to learn Java without prior programming knowledge. This software is renowned for its real-time practice opportunities, supportive community, and lesson-oriented learning environment.

The Learn Java course is designed to be finished in about three hours. It emphasises the essentials and makes learning each idea simple. The Learn Java app from Sololearn covers all the fundamental topics and more complex concepts like threads, hashmaps, working with files, etc. You may compete with others worldwide by completing levels to earn points.

Hacker’s Keyboard

You need the computer’s key layout, aren’t you?

The Hacker’s Keyboard was created with all developers in mind. There are programmers and hackers. It contains arrow keys, distinct number keys, and punctuation in ordinary places. It even has Tab, Ctrl, and Esc keys in the typical locations.

This AOSP Gingerbread keyboard supports more than 20 different languages. Hacker’s Keyboard can be pretty helpful for those who utilise ConnectBot for SSH access. Follow this documentation if you’re lost or need some direction.

DroidEdit Pro

Notepad++ is one of the most incredible text editors today, as anyone who has used it will attest. However, you should give DroidEdit Pro a shot if you’re seeking a comparable Android experience.

Numerous well-known languages are supported, including C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, and SQL. In terms of functionality, DroidEdit Pro offers a variety of colour schemes, syntax highlighting, search and replace, auto and block indentation, direct script execution in SL4A, SFTP/FTP compatibility, root mode, and more. Overall, it serves as a complete text editor for programmers and coders.


Quora is a question-and-answer website. As its name implies, “Qu” stands for “question” and “or” for “answer.” It is a location where you can share your expertise with people worldwide, ask questions about any subject, and read thorough, pertinent responses. The website was established in June 2009 and made public in 2010. It is owned by Quora Inc. and has its headquarters in California, United States.

You may customise your feed on the Quora app by following the specific topics that are important to you. You can respond to any questions by clicking the “Answer” link at the bottom of each one. In addition, you may ask anyone a question on social media. All students are highly encouraged to download this app to engage with a large global community and learn more.


One of the most well-known online note-taking programmes is Evernote. This programme offers a one-stop shop for managing tasks, organising and archiving documents, taking notes, and many more functions. The Evernote Corporation, established in 2000, created Evernote, which has its main office in California, United States. Although you may use this app for free, you can upgrade to the premium version to access the more sophisticated features.

Evernote allows you to sync your notes and access them from any device, anywhere. Additionally, you may quickly scan the papers and share them with your friends, coworkers, or anybody else. You can’t afford to pass up any learning opportunities in this rapidly changing period, which is why Evernote is an essential programme for all computer science students.


Do you wish to create a professional expert network? Or Do you want to stay up with the most recent business news? Or Are you trying to find new job opportunities? If so, LinkedIn is the only place you need to go for all of these questions. LinkedIn is a social networking site established in December 2002 and is mainly used for professional networking. On LinkedIn, job searchers may create a professional profile, look for open positions, network with other businesses, and find a variety of employment prospects.

The app’s user interface is simple, allowing you to quickly search through millions of job openings and apply for the appropriate ones. In addition, you may import contacts to expand your network, exchange content with the community, strengthen your company’s brand, and access many more benefits.


The place where you keep all your work is well known as Dropbox. It is a platform where you can share files with anybody by uploading and moving them to the cloud. Dropbox was established in 2007 and is run by Dropbox, Inc. Its headquarters are in California. Yes, it also ensures that your data is safe using robust encryption techniques and login credentials.

Students may save all their information, including notes, lessons, assignments, and other files, in one location using Dropbox and have access to it from anywhere. Additionally, you have access to your files even when offline. To access more sophisticated features, you may upgrade to the premium version of the Dropbox service after using the free version for a while.


Murmur is a relatively new software, but people were talking about it even before it was released. It is a decentralised microblogging platform where you may produce and share your thoughts with the fewest constraints while still being compensated for your work. Murmur is a platform built on the EOS blockchain that explores novel concepts in online social interaction. Murmur allows you to send private messages with greater security to anybody on the network in addition to the public messaging capability.

Students are actively encouraged to use Murmur since it enables them to communicate freely with their peers and others worldwide for discussion. You may interact with other Murmur-integrated applications and receive rewards for it.


How many of you have utilised YouTube at some point? Everyone, perhaps! YouTube is based in California, United States, and is a platform for watching and sharing videos online. Every day, millions of videos are shared and posted online. Anybody can access them from anywhere if they have an internet connection and a smartphone with the YouTube app installed. It provides several capabilities, including viewing, uploading, sharing, and commenting on videos. A student may access and learn from various lessons while saving time and money with the YouTube App.

The app has a lot of functions that make it incredibly user-friendly, like the ability to subscribe to other channels, construct playlists, suggest videos, view videos offline, and many more. All students should use it since, when used well, it may serve as the most effective instructional platform.


The finest Android applications for computer science students are those listed above, and they will be very helpful for them in terms of their future careers. Keep in mind that these programmes help establish a connection with the outside world so that you may get knowledge and utilise them wisely to accomplish your goals. So, have you downloaded these applications to your smartphone? What are you waiting for if not? Install these applications immediately to make the most of your phone and time with these fun apps!

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