Tesla signs deal with EG Group to sell its Supercharger directly

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Tesla has signed an agreement to sell its Supercharger equipment under the EG Group brand, which is a significant operator of gas stations and convenience stores.

In just a few weeks, Tesla has completed two such agreements.

When Tesla revealed last month that it had struck an agreement with BP to sell them $100 million worth of Supercharger hardware to be installed at BP gas stations across the US under the BP brand, many were taken aback.

It was the first time Tesla had sold Superchargers to a third party on such a significant scale, and it was also one of the few occasions the company has done so.

Tesla’s head of charging infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, stated that the company is venturing into a new market.

The confirmation of that came quickly.

EG Group declared today that it has reached an agreement with Tesla to purchase Supercharger units:

Like the BP agreement, EG Group declared that the stations would use its branding, “evpoint,” rather than the Tesla Supercharger name.

Within a press release, they wrote:

  • The chargers, which will use Tesla’s cutting-edge technology, will be marketed as “evpoint.”
  • All drivers will be able to access point chargers regardless of the brand of vehicle they drive because the hardware will function on an open-network basis.
  • The chargers will also support the Plug and Charge protocol, which streamlines and automates payments.
  • Before the year ends, the first of the new charger units should be available.
  • In contrast to the BP agreement, neither Tesla nor EG Group disclosed the deal’s value.

Imraan Patel, Chief Strategy & Business Officer of EG Group, pointed out that the organisation intends to have more than 20,000 EV chargers in addition to the 600 it now has:

“Our aim is to deliver a three-pronged strategy to help us reach our energy transition goals. These include EV charging, supporting alternative forms of vehicular fuel, and broader carbon reduction, all of which are central to our strategy of helping the world transition to a lower carbon future. We have made significant progress to date on EV charging, with more than 600 chargers across 189 sites already deployed and a pipeline prepared with an ambition for evpoint to roll out more than 20,000 chargers across c.3,600 of our own sites over time with opportunities across third party locations also being pursued.”

Rebecca Tinucci, Tesla’s Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure, commented on the deal: 

The rapid installation of reliable, easy-to-use EV charging infrastructure is the right step towards a sustainable future and a key area of focus for us at Tesla. For this reason, we’re excited to make our fast-charging hardware available for purchase to EG Group, and other leaders in the space.”

EG Group operates over 6,000 sites across several markets:

There may be more of these agreements in the coming time.

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