Tesla is selling $100 million worth of Superchargers to BP

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According to a contract between Tesla and BP, the former would provide $100 million worth of Supercharger equipment for the latter to install at its US facilities.

This agreement is the first of its type.

By far, the best network of fast chargers for electric vehicles in North America is provided by Tesla.

This is why most automakers have now made its connector the new standard, in addition to their superior connector design.

The automakers desire that owners of electric vehicles (EVs) have access to the greatest available charging network.

Throughout history, Tesla has constructed its own hardware for charging, installed the stations, and managed the network.

A fresh door is opening right now.

For BP to install its Tesla-built stations bearing the BP logo at its locations, the oil giant must purchase the Supercharger hardware from Tesla, as the company has acknowledged.

BP announced in a press release:

Today bp (NYSE: bp) announced a deal in which bp pulse, bp’s EV charging business, will acquire ultra-fast charging hardware units from Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) for $100 million. The investment will facilitate the expansion of the bp pulse public network across the US, while also enabling support for EV fleet customers by deploying chargers at their private depots. The introduction of Tesla’s chargers to the bp pulse network is the first time the hardware will be purchased for an independent EV charging network. 

The deal will involve Tesla supplying its Supercharger hardware with Magic Dock, which supports CCS vehicles on top of Tesla vehicles.

The rollout will start next year at a bunch of different BP locations:

The roll-out is planned to begin in 2024 and locations will include key sites across the bp family of brands, including TravelCenters of America, Thorntons, ampm; and Amoco, as well as at bp pulse’s large-scale Gigahub™ charging sites in major metropolitan areas and at third-party locations, such as Hertz locations, as part of previously announced collaborations. The first installation sites have been identified in Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago; and Washington D.C. 

Tesla’s head of charging infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, commented on the announcement:

At Tesla, we’re driven to enable great charging experiences for all EV owners. Selling our fast-charging hardware is a new step for us, and one we’re looking to expand in support of our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. We appreciate bp’s partnership in this area – it’s the right step towards a more sustainable future.”   

Neither Tesla or BP confirmed the number of stations involved, but the deal is valued at $100 million.

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