Sandbox Games Similar to Minecraft That You Should Play

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One of the most played games on the planet right now is undoubtedly Minecraft. Furthermore, it has every right to be there. It offers us truly open and distinct landscapes full of extraordinary mobs, great Minecraft enchantments, and infinite ways to play the game. When it comes to inspiring creativity, nothing compares to Minecraft. But after ten years of successful runs, it’s time for a change. We have some incredible sandbox games like Minecraft that, while they may not unseat the monarch, undoubtedly put up a fierce fight. Can they ever compete with Minecraft in terms of quality, though? Let’s investigate!

The Best Sandbox Games Similar To Minecraft (2022)

Every game on this list tests Minecraft differently, from gameplay to creative freedom. However, you can be confident that none of them is phoney Minecraft imitations. Additionally, since the list isn’t ranked, you can explore each game according to your interests.

1. Terraria: A 2D Minecraft-like game

Like Minecraft, Terraria is a sandbox game where you must explore vast forests on your own to live. To locate resources and protect yourself from zombies, skeletons, and flying eyes (yep! ), you start with a pickaxe and a sword. However, remember that Terraria is a 2D game with a linear progression, unlike the 3D gameplay in Minecraft.

In essence, you won’t be allowed to wander around and will have to stay on one path. The most pleasing aspect about Terraria is that it offers the same thrilling exploration, crafting, battle, and mining that have made Minecraft so well-liked.

2. Eco

One of the most spectacular games similar to Minecraft is Eco, in which players must construct a society using constrained resources from their globe. They need to develop new survival strategies while preserving the ecosystem. The air becomes contaminated when coal is burned. Similarly, the forest ecology weakens as more trees are taken down.

In contrast to Minecraft, you must face the repercussions of your choices while also creating weapons and defences against foes. This game emphasises creation over the devastation. If you’re searching for a game similar to Minecraft but with a little more responsibility, you should certainly try playing Eco.

Platform(s): Linux, macOS, and Windows

3. Subnautica

A survival game called Subnautica is built on oceanic underwater exploration and figuring out novel ways to survive on an alien planet. You can search the seas for unusual stones, supplies for crafts, and other things. You have to deal with various ocean monsters in this place, just like in Minecraft.

In essence, it’s a game similar to Minecraft with elements of exploration, construction, crafting, and survival, except the conflict, takes place in the oceans. You shouldn’t pass up playing this thrilling and exciting game.

4. Trove

Trove is a distinct voxel game, which means it is composed of square-shaped pixels similar to Minecraft Blocks. The result is that the world of Trove resembles that of Minecraft. It is a multiplayer game, though, and each character has a unique look and skill set.

Also, Trove’s universe is extensive, with many unique characters and entities. Trove has a theme with Minecraft: you must sculpt your environment by creating weapons, working with other players, and fending off attackers. Players who enjoy action are also more suited for the game. You should play Trove if you’re seeking a larger-scale version of the game Minecraft.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch

5. Roblox

Roblox is a platform for multiplayer gaming that enables users to design their games. It resembles Minecraft in some ways because both games have a create-your-own-world aesthetic. It allows you to create your universe, construct a haven, craft weapons, and locate the most significant resources for surviving.

A virtual environment can be built, and you can experience obstacles and adventure along the way. Additionally, you can compete online with other communities to prevent the world’s end. The best thing about Roblox is how immersive it is, which makes it a much superior game to Minecraft for many players. For instance, you can play the Squid Game in Roblox with your friends, and you may install Roblox on your Chromebook to play games with classmates.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Xbox One are all platforms.

6. Astroneer

The fascinating exploration and adventure game Astroneer is set on the outermost planet in our universe. The game takes place in the year 25th when intergalactic travel is now feasible. To uncover the truth about the origins of the cosmos and locate rare resources, you can become an Astroneer and explore space.

The idea is similar to Minecraft, where you must take risks and develop solo survival strategies. You can design new spacecraft and space bases that will allow you to travel to distant planets. Overall, Astroneer is a fantastic space-based version of the popular survival-adventure game Minecraft.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

7. Lego Universe

With infinite discoveries, pleasant surprises, and the option to build anything with Lego bricks, Lego Worlds is a game that closely resembles Minecraft. Similar gameplay allows you to build structures and landscapes in a 3D procedurally generated universe. In addition, you can design different kinds of weapons, vehicles like helicopters, and unusual creatures.

The more unusual items you gather along the road, the greater your payout. The awards can be used to advance to the game’s next level. In essence, it’s a game for the whole family, and kids would love playing with different materials and creating stuff.

Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

8. Starbound

The gameplay of Starbound is similar to Minecraft’s in that you must design your world and defend it from intruders. You explore the extraterrestrial planets on a spacecraft after Earth has been destroyed in the game’s opening moments.

You eventually find Earth, a habitable planet, where you settle and begin an exciting journey to revive life. You must fend against the strange creatures and construct new armour to complete the task. Starbound is a fantastic survival game, and I have to add that you’ll learn a lot as you go along.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita

9. The World of Craft

The World of Craft You control a group of dwarfs in the new game The Universe, which is situated in an unusual world, to rid your town of deadly intruders. Similar to Minecraft, the game encourages exploration, resource building, and the ability to make weapons out of various items. To keep an eye on the deadly creatures and keep them out of your biome, you must construct a dwarf stronghold.

Although the game is highly thrilling, it is a 2D game with linear gameplay, similar to Terraria, and that isn’t to everyone’s taste. However, if you want to experience sandbox gaming in its purest form, play Craft The World.

Windows and iOS are the platforms.

10. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is a significant challenge to Minecraft’s supposedly limitless landscape since it takes the term “open-world” to a galactic scale. This game provides a vast universe to explore, battle, stay alive, and trade-in. You may find planets, interact with other players, claim land, and even find rare types of animals and plants.

Like Minecraft, we never know what you will obtain until you investigate a specific place. And you don’t have to struggle with difficult transportation like teleportation in Minecraft because of the god-speed vehicles in the game. Therefore, No Man’s Sky is the game for you if you’re seeking a contemporary version of Minecraft that is lax with the crafting component.

Platform(s): Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One

11. When I Was at Portia

If you stick to the most excellent village seeds, My Time at Portia is essentially Minecraft. It emphasises farming, domesticating hordes, and cultivating relationships in the community. Not to mention despite the game’s post-apocalyptic setting, the game’s universe has a warm, kid-friendly vibe to it.

Aside from the creative aspect, this game, like Minecraft, also has boss battles and hostile enemies. However, none can compare to the Warden from Minecraft 1.19 in terms of being frightful and eerie. My Time at Portia has its mechanism and plot while preserving sandbox-like exploring and building at its core. It is the ideal creative and toned-down substitute for Minecraft.

The platforms supported are Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, macOS, iOS, and Windows.

12. PixARK: A Minecraft-like Pokemon game

The video game PixARK is what results when Pokemon and Minecraft collide. It has an open, primarily blocky world with fantastical creatures and unusual buildings. Our goal is to gather resources, produce goods, and tame mobs to eventually rule the planet by building a base. That’s not all, though. Due to its unique voxel block construction mechanism, PixARK allows you to break practically every block, just like in Minecraft.

Regarding the game’s inventive features, you can construct bases, robotic systems, and homes on creatures’ backs. PixARK even features capabilities for creating bespoke characters that Minecraft only provides in the form of the best custom skins.

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows, and Nintendo Switch

13. Garry’s Mod

Practically speaking, games with guns don’t feel at all like Minecraft. Garry’s Mod, however, refutes this idea. The player is free to unleash their creativity and design unique landscapes that can be plain, feral, or in utter chaos. Garry’s Mod enables you to create potent variations of the best custom Minecraft levels if you are already familiar with them.

In this game, there is no set objective or goal. You can instead design your levels, locations, unique characters, and even items. Garry’s Mod is the ideal gift if you’re seeking a fun-focused game that is even more configurable than Minecraft.

platforms: Linux, Windows, and macOS

14. Mechanic of Scrap

One of the most imaginative multiplayer survival games like Minecraft ever created is Scrap Mechanic, which places creativity at its foundation. In this game, you can design various machines using more than 100 building components. Nothing is off the table, from cleaning items that double as weapons to a house that can walk. Unlike Redstone in Minecraft, the best thing is that you won’t need to look up instructions to set up your scrap machines.

15. Dreams: A Minecraft-like World Creation Game

The last and most potent game that plays like Minecraft on our lengthy list. Dreams let you construct practically anything you can imagine, living up to its name. Thanks to Dreams’ “DreamShaping” principles, anything can come to life, be it a work of art or an entire video game.

You may make scenes, models, animations, and even music in this game. Then once we are done, we can invite other gamers to try out your worlds, and you may do the same.

That concludes our list of open-world games comparable to Minecraft in theme and survival mechanics. We all adore the most incredible Minecraft modifications since they give us the ideal opportunity to express our creativity. In keeping with that, many games share a subject yet add to the gameplay in different ways. These games have been mentioned in this list, for sure.

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